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Why Gen Z Diversity Matters in Global Marketing Strategies for Cultivated Meat

Vernon_Why Gen Z Diversity Matters in Global Marketing Strategy for Cultivated Meat
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Study Summary This qualitative research study captures the critical thoughts of 126 Gen Z college students about cultivated meat. While other consumer perception studies have focused on this population segment as homogeneous unit, this study differentiates Gen Z students sampled by gender and racial/ethnic identities and features the students’ own voices rather than pre-set survey options. The resulting opinions generated deliver insightful information about how gender and racial/ethnic diversity matters in introducing cultivated meat into their individual consumption patterns, as well as those of their respective communities at large. Students identified both pathways and barriers to the introduction of cultivated meat, and they also identified their preferred methods of receiving education or information about cultivated meat. As cultural identities are inextricably tied to consumption choices, differentiators such as gender and racial/ethnic backgrounds will play a decisive role in how novel foods such as cultivated meat are approached by Gen Z populations.

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